About Me!

Welcome to Big Sky Blossom Boutique! 

It's just me! Swinging through life, two steps backward and one forward. ALL. THE. TIME. But without these ups and downs, I wouldn't be where I am today. I learn from my mistakes and move on. I keep aiming high to reach my goals, just like I hope all of you are. With that, I'm so glad you found my little boutique based out of central Montana. I am a wife and mom to two beautiful girls. I have had this online boutique for about 5 years, prior to being with an MLM clothing company for 5 years. My love for unique, affordable clothes grew after not having many options here in small town Montana. Now I can bring cute items straight to your doorstep, one unique piece at a time. You will also find that I love catering to all sizes and body types. I try to order pieces specific to what feedback I get from you and what I think you will all love. If you love it, grab it before it's gone! If it sells out fast and there is enough interest, I will do my best to order more. Enjoy shopping here and don't forget to invite your friends! XOXO,

Sandra Boedecker