The Spotlight Project Autism Bracelets

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And they have them for Autism Awareness this month. Grab these special edition ones now!

What is The Spotlight Project? 

We are a brand with a mission to raise employment in adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, while shining a light on their amazing talents.
Did you know that the unemployment rate in this population is 80%? We are here to change that!

We’re inspired to create a stage for our members to display their creative talents to the world. We wish to give them the spotlight, give them a voice, and show society the greatness they can achieve.

Each individual we employ is at the forefront of our brand. Every member of our team has an intellectual or developmental disability, and a unique story to tell.

We encourage you to join our mission to raise employment for such an influential population.

Each bracelet purchase help to provides employment to adults with differing abilities.

-sizing: small (6.5 inches), medium (7 inches)
-colors: marble, grey, pink